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Countdown to Valentine's Day. $80 and $100 OFF on PINK and RED scarves!!! Click on the "ON SALE" tab.

Da ora fino al 14 Febbraio $80 e $100 di sconto sui maxi foulard ROSA e ROSSI. Clicca su "ON SALE"

Get ready for a Thank You extraordinary sale this weekend

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, every Artist needs some time on their own to regenerate and create something new and beautiful afterwards. As I treat my business as pure Art that happened to me too...so I have been silently taking it all in, working on new collections and developments. In the meantime I want to thank all of you that have purchased my scarves through my website, directly from me or in one of the boutiques that sell my collections.
This weekend I will be announcing some exciting news and with that I will launch a THANK YOU EXTRAORDINARY SALE to get your personalized scarf before the cold weather truly kicks in and the holidays starts.
Stay tuned and choose your scarves right now before the sale starts: www.annamarialabianca.com then click on "Shop Boutique" and choose among four collections